Data Structures Manual

Is this guide good for beginners ? What if I have no experience with DS ?

Absolutely ! I would go as far as to say that this might the very thing that you might be looking for. I guess I have covered almost all the usual operations that could be performed on each data structure. There's procedure and code comments which tries to explain all the important steps. Give it a try !

I don't like the way everything is presented.

To be honest, me neither ! So, here's the GitBook Version which has a better user experience in my opinion. There's no difference in the content. Just the UI.

I want to add or modify something. How do I ?

Glad to hear that. You can make a pull request with your additions or changes. However, there's just one request. Do try to maintain the same style of file naming and layout of content. Proper credits will be given to each contributor, of course.

I don't see any other languages apart from C.

There isn't any other as of now. However, feel free to create a new branch for whichever language you want to contribute for. More content to be added soon.

Is it complete ?

Unfortunately, no. There's plenty of content which is not there in this repo currently. I will be adding content on trees, graphs and other data structures soon.

Like the initiative ? Give this repo a star or contribute to it. This is more than I can ask for.

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